Forster Racing
The Fastest Rally X experience in the UK!

Stag Activity Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, London

Stag weekend Rage Buggy

Stag do idea Brighton

Forster Racing has been providing stag groups with a more exciting and extreme weekend of stag activities for years. Originally the business was set up to teach motor racing to already existing drivers to improve on their lap times, but in 2010 the company based in sussex  opened to incorporate the stag market as a stag weekend off road buggying. Offering a stag Activity for those looking to visit the likes of Brighton, Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey or London.

“Don’t be misled” explains Leo “these machines are still the Paris Dakar Rage Buggy’s capaible of 0-60 in under 4 seconds; they are still the machines even the most experienced drivers will struggle to control at 300 bhp tonne on a dirt track for all intense a purposes this stag do idea is like driving a world rally car”

No other venue in the UK provides the opportunity for such a high speed stag activity allowing stag groups to learn to drive a high powered Rage Buggy unlike the 20bhp Rage Karts you will find elsewhere.

Stag do Rage Buggy Brighton, Sussex, Surrey Hampshire and LondonStage do activity Rage Buggy BrightonStag Activity Brighton Rage Buggy