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Rally School Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, London

Rally Driving School

Rally Driving Days

Started in 2010 Forster Racing School provides the best Rally Driving Days in the UK. Supporting Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and London, the Rally School uses high powered Rage Buggys to provide a rally driving day not to forget. The founder Leo Forster started as an instructor at various rally schools, providing rally driving days around the UK including. He noticed there was little in the way of Rally driving days or Rally schools in the Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and London area and started the School.

“I wanted to provide a rally driving school that allowed people to really feel what a rally car could do. We chose the Rage Buggys as they are fast and handle like a world rally car with out the £300,000 price tag. The rally school has now been going since 2010 and we are the only center to really push driving limits” explains Leo a 5 time British Racing Champion “I developed the rally school to allow people to experience high performance in a safe environment which allows for error”

Rally school Sussex, surrey, Hampshire, London