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Rage Buggy

Rage Buggy Driving

Rage Buggy Experience Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and London

Ever wanted to drive the high powered Rage Buggy in a Rage Buggy driving experience you wont forget, then come to Forster Racing School. Our Paris Dakar Rage Buggys are the top end vehicles which Rage Motorsport produce. We do not use the 20bhp Corporate Karting Rage Buggy experience. we use the 300bhp/tonne Rage Buggy providing the best Rage Buggy Driving experience in the UK.

Leo and his team have been working with Rage Motorsport since 2008, winning several British Rallycross Championships, promoting at the prestigious Festival of Speed allowing customers to experience the high speed Rage Buggy driving experience, and working as stund Drivers in the Rage buggys in Abu Dhabi.

If you have ever seen the high powered Rage Buggy in action then you will understand they mean business. 0-60 in under 4 seconds, handling of a world rally car and drifting ability second to none.

Leo Started the rally school using rage buggys to provide the best rage buggy driving experience in the UK. Based in Sussex near Hampshire and Surrey but also serving London its an experience not to miss.

Rage buggy Driving Experience Forster Racing School