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Bespoke Courses

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Our rally driving bespoke experience days are dependent on the abilities of the group and unlike a typical race driving school day it will follow no strict regime, however we recommend covering the following core elements:

1) Different lines for different corners

Unlike circuit driving there are different lines on the dirt to the tarmac and the line is dependent on the speed on entry to the corner. The pitch or angle of the car through the corner is a reflection of the weight distribution on entry to the corner. i.e. use of breaks to turn into the corner.

2) Throttle and car control

Using a constant radius turn you will learn to balance the throttle and use the throttle to turn the car, not the steering wheel.

3) Break control

Again using the breaks to turn the car into the corner and thus allowing slight oversteer throughout the corner on slippery sections.

4) Lapping

This will be put into practice and we will work on tuning your driving style to provoke slight oversteer.

5) Pendulum

Always thinking of weight distribution and throttle control you will learn to set the car up by turning in the opposite direction to the corner (while left foot breaking if required).

6) Assesment Laps

The best way to show who listened!!

To find out more about our bespoke rally driving experience days call us on 01243 210218.

Please note: All days need payment in full to reserve the driving session. In the unlikely event that the session is cancelled due to extreme weather another session will be booked for a future date. Any session cancelled within 28 days prior to the date will not be refunded.