Forster Racing
The Fastest Rally X experience in the UK!

Forster Racing School drivers Leo Forster and Charlie Roberton were recently invited to drive at the IDEX 2013 show in Abu Dhabi. For 2 weeks we drifted on sand avoiding explosions from passing jets such as F16’s while keeping the chirography tight to avoid G9’s and UAE Tanks. Providing the entertainment with Top Gears stunt team bikers and behind the scene specialists we had the opportunity to drive the R150T Rage buggys around some great military hardware.

We put together a quick edit of some of the show, its just a pity you cant see the Apache Gun ships, Fighter Jets, Tank movements, loop the loop or Rage Buggy with missile launchers. Nor can you see the Bikers doing backflips but you get an idea of what this epic show was about!