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Young Driver Training Hampshire

£79 per hour

Starting at just 11 years old and above 1.42m or 4’8” start the young driver training at FRS

You can’t get a driving licence in the UK until you’re 17 but now, thanks to Forster Racing School, if you’re 11 or over, you can learn to drive at one of our venue in Hampshire.
Research shows that it is a lack of driving experience – not a lack of years on the planet – that causes 1 in 5 newly qualified drivers to crash within 6 months of passing their test. Something had to be done to reduce this frightening statistic – and so we started Young Driver!

Have a look at the impact this is having over the UK

Off road driver training Hampshire

Then we will put you behind the wheel of a brand new dual control cars! Let one of our fully qualified driving instructors teach you how to start, drive, brake, corner, change gear, stop and even reverse – all on your first lesson! Move your life up a gear, learn to drive now!

Young Drivers off road

We will take you through a series of short assessments while you learn to show progress in every area of your driving. We will ask what you thought about your driving and give you the chance to do all this off road!

Once you have progressed through the young driver training and completed a minimum of 5 hours we will invite you to our car control days in a rear wheel drive Ford RST learning how to control a car in a skid and even learn to drift!

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