Forster Racing
The Fastest Rally X experience in the UK!

Forster Racing School is now looking to partner with Business groups to see if they would like to use our venue to entertain their clients and staff.

“fun is one thing we know how to have” says Leo Director of Forster Racing School “If you need to entertain your staff or clients I suggest coming to see what we do and have a go”

So to get more business decision makers together to see what we do we are starting BBQ FRIDAYS!

BBQ FRIDAYS will allow you to set a lap time in our vehicles showing you not only what we can do but its time for you to show us what you can do! Rather like the star in our reasonably priced car featured on TOP GEAR we will get a business owner in our extremely capable Buggys, record your lap times and post them on the site.

The idea is to allow you to experience what we do and to see if you would be interested in  bringing a group along for further entertainment.

Please look for BBQ FRIDAYS page in the near future.